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from harvest to ‘hello’ in a day.

Living Lettuce, Greens & Herbs


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Welcome to our Farm!

Proudly producing fresh greens, herbs, honey, and free-range poultry and eggs within the beautiful fields of Frankfort, IN in Clinton County!

Our passion is providing local and healthful food to the surrounding areas of Lafayette, Zionsville, Fishers, Carmel and Indianapolis.

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Highland Heights Farm is

Living lettuce is the next best thing to having a garden in your fridge. Having less than 24 hours between farm and table allows us to provide the freshest, most nutrient-dense produce available. Fresh flavor as well as staying power: Provided the roots remain, living lettuce will last up to 18 days and often longer. Everything is greenhouse grown, which provides protection from contaminants such as acid rain, run-off or exposure to secondhand pesticides (from neighboring farms). Our lettuces and greens are always pesticide and herbicide free and non-GMO as well as sustainably grown. Our harvest box has a combination of fixed items and rotating items including lettuces/greens, fresh herbs and one other item such as garden fresh tomatoes, strawberries or sweet Bell Peppers. Our local produce will impress you every month of the year!

Our Story

Our offerings

Greenhouse Grown Greens & Herbs

Our greenhouse grown lettuces and greens started it all.

Fresh Local Produce

Garden fresh tomatoes, Persian cucumbers and sweet Bell Peppers are just the start. Our local produce will impress you every month of the year!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Pasture raised eggs. We do this everyday item with a quality that is sure to impress.


From colorful tulips in the spring to magnificent dinner plate dahlias in the fall and countless varieties in between, we harvest only the best of what is blooming each day.

Fresh flavor as well as staying power!

Why you’ll love us

  • Stays fresher longer

  • no contract, cancel anytime

  • pesticide, herbicide & GMO free

  • know your farmer

  • beyond organic

  • always seasonal

  • locally grown

  • always delicious