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What Do Bluebirds Eat?

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Bluebirds are some of the most desired backyard birds, but it can be difficult to get these colorful birds to visit feeders without correctly answering the question, what do bluebirds eat? Because bluebirds stay in parts of their range year-round, the answer changes depending on the time of year and how the birds' nutritional needs vary [...]

Raw Food “Burrito”

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Raw Food "Burrito" These raw food diet lettuce wraps have a hint of Mexican spiciness to them, hence the "burrito" simile. These wraps make a great entree for a raw food meal or a raw food potluck, and, because they're so easy and tasty, they're a great raw transitional food too. They're naturally gluten-free, of course [...]

Asparagus Butter Lettuce Salad with Pistachios

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Asparagus Butter Lettuce Salad With Pistachios This salad is wonderfully simple: raw asparagus and butter lettuce are tossed with a lemony vinaigrette and topped with mozzarella and pistachios in this very green, springy salad. The final flavor (and textures) far surpass the marginal effort it requires to put together. The thinly sliced asparagus has a clean, [...]