Green Salads: The Basic Formula

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A perfect green salad strikes just the right balance of textures, flavors and colors. If you're the kind of cook who finds formulas reassuring, this basic salad formula takes all the guesswork out of making a perfect salad. 1. Use Two (Or at Most, Three) Types of Lettuce The main ingredient in a green salad [...]

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Little Gems Lettuce

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Little Gem lettuce is soft with just a hint of crunch. The delicate flavor is well suited to light vinaigrettes (Ginger Vinaigrette is lovely) and lemony dressings. Little Gems are especially delicious with thinly sliced radishes or spears of gently steamed asparagus.

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All About Iceberg Lettuce

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Iceberg lettuce, also known as crisphead lettuce, is a variety of lettuce with crisp leaves which grows in a spherical head resembling cabbage. A mature iceberg lettuce grows to about one foot in diameter. The leaves on the outside tend to be green and the leaves in the center go from pale yellow to nearly whitish [...]

Butter Lettuce

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Butter lettuce is commonly available. It is a crisp-head lettuce, meaning its leaves form a compact head as it grows – although its head is much less compact than iceberg lettuce. Butter lettuce has a tender texture and large, cupped leaves that work beautifully in salads, especially with delicately flavored dressings such as Buttermilk Dill Salad Dressing or [...]

Batavia Lettuce (a.k.a. French Crisp or Summer Crisp)

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As one of its other names would suggest, Batavia lettuce is more tolerant of warmer weather than many salad greens. It stays crisp and doesn't bolt (and turn bitter) as easily as other lettuces, so is a favorite with summer gardeners who want to keep themselves in lettuce all season long. Like many varieties of lettuce, [...]

Arugula (a.k.a. Rocket)

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Arugula (a.k.a. rocket) has dark green leaves and a peppery flavor. The leaves can be long and spiked or shorter and more rounded, but they'll all share that dark green color. Wild-harvested arugula is the most pungent; look for it at farmers markets and local foods co-ops. Cultivated arugula is widely available and varies greatly in strength of flavor. [...]

Belgian Endive

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These tight, compact heads are packed with flavor and crunch. While a popular way to eat endive is slowly and carefully braised to caramelized brown perfection, endive adds a solid crunch to any salad, whether on their own as in this Endive Kumquat Salad, or mixed with other greens. They tend to have a bit of a [...]