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Grilled Steak with Tomatoes and Arugula

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Grilled Balsamic Steak with Tomatoes and Arugula This grilled balsamic flank steak with tomatoes and arugula salad is an easy weeknight dinner solution –marinate the steak overnight with balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs, then fire up the grill and serve with a simple tossed arugula-tomato salad, on the table in less than 20 minutes! 1½ [...]

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Spinach & Mushroom Risotto

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Spinach & Mushroom Risotto ½ lb fresh spinach (washed dried, leaves left whole)½ lb fresh oyster mushrooms (wiped clean and chopped)3 cloves minced garlic (divided)1 onion (minced)1 cup arborio rice4-6 cups cooking stock½ cup dry white wine½ cup hard cheese of your choosing4 tbsp butter (divided)salt and pepper to taste Cook the mushrooms. Heat about [...]

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Spinach is a commonly used leafy green with small, arrow shaped leaves, and thin stems.  Spinach is high in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E, and iron.  Spinach’s high nutritional content is well preserved when served lightly cooked or raw.  Cook quickly until spinach turns a bright green for best flavor.  Spinach has a wide [...]

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Red Leaf Lettuce – Why is it healthier?

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As a lettuce and greens grower, we love color! It is nice to see a burst of color from our red lettuce amongst the sea of green in our grow systems. Growing  red lettuce doesn't come without its problems. First and foremost though is how long it takes to grow compared with its green lettuce [...]

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There are two varieties of parsley, curly and flat-leaf. They are similar tasting, with a different texture. Parsley is often used as a garnish, but larger amounts in salads and pasta dishes add a flavor, texture and a nutritional component. Parsley is a great source of folic acid, Vitamins K, C, and A. STORAGE Store [...]

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11 great ideas for basil

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Summer, basil & pesto seem to always go together. I love the smell of basil in our grow systems. Honestly though, basil is so much more versatile then just pesto. Read on for more ideas to get the most out of our plentiful bunches of basil. Pesto. Pesto is the condiment of summer, [...]

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Basil is a fresh, fragrant summer herb that pairs perfectly with tomatoes. There are many different varieties of basil, the most common are probably Genovese and sweet basil. Basil is best used raw or added at the very last minutes of cooking. Basil is also common in Indian and Thai cooking. Basil compliments Italian dishes [...]

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Mizuna, Arugula, Spinach & Bacon Salad

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Mizuna, Spinach, Arugula & Bacon This simple salad combines mizuna, arugula, and spinach with a warm bacon vinaigrette. This salad is hearty enough for a meal. 3 oz Arugula3 oz Spinach3 oz Mizuna8 strips bacon (crumbled)Vinaigrette3 tbsp Bacon Fat reserved from frying bacon3 tbsp Sherry or Red Wine vinegar½ tsp Dijon Mustard½ tsp Maple Syrup [...]

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Arugula is a peppery green that adds a spicy bite to salads, pizzas, and raw dishes.  Also known as rocket, arugula is mild when cooked.  Arugula is an early summer crop, and a member of the brassica family; like kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and mustard greens.  Arugula is a great source of vitamins and minerals including [...]

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