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Let’s Talk Nurtients!

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Sounds complicated, right? Well, we won’t lie, there are a lot of factors involved in giving plants the ideal combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other necessary nutrients. The good news is that getting it right here at Highland Heights is actually pretty easy! Plant Nutrition Basics Let’s start at the beginning. Plants need nutrients [...]

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“Hardening Off” Your Seedlings

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As your starts begin maturing, bearing their “true” leaves, we know the time is drawing near to transplant. Transplanting can be a stressful time for growers as it is not uncommon to lose plants to “transplant shock.” When our plants spend the first few weeks of their lives indoors, a virtually weatherless environment, and then [...]

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How to Avoid Transplant Shock

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Transplant shock happens to your seedlings when they undergo stress during the transplanting process from indoor growing conditions to the ground and the unpredictable climate outside. Many times it is caused by the roots being "shocked" by the transplanting process, specifically to the tiny root hairs that absorb water. Another cause can be the drastic [...]

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