Highland Heights Farm’s story began in 2008 when, in search of a simpler life more connected to nature and our food, we packed up our family and moved to the country.  As we began our journey, we sensed the Lord giving us a passion for farming the way He designed.  By being good stewards of the land and raising animals free of confinement in a natural environment and growing food free of chemicals.

We enjoy the lifestyle that farming has provided for our family. But, one of the greatest gifts that we’ve been given is the community that we’ve received with our customers. They know us. They know our farm. And in turn, we’ve gotten to know them. This has been a beautiful thing and has given “Know your farmer, know your food” weight behind these words. “Community Through Food” is a beautiful thing.

So grateful to be your farmer!

Farmer Evan & Autumn and their three kids.