The Endive Confusion

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In the culinary arts, the word frisée (pronounced "free-ZAY") refers to a variety of endive with curly, pale-green or yellowish leaves. The catalog of leafy vegetables that go by the name endive can be somewhat vast and bewildering, and not always accurate. Taxonomically speaking, all frisée are endives, but not all endives are frisée. Frisée [...]

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The difference of Endive

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The word endive is used to refer to the leafy part of any of a variety of bitter-flavored plants in the chicory family. The three main types used in the culinary arts are Belgian endive, curly endive, and broad-leafed endive. Belgian Endive Belgian endive is a small, cylindrical head of lettuce whose pale yellow leaves [...]

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Arugula Beet Salad

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Arugula Beet Salad This salad is so simple to put together!  Arugula and beet were made for each other, the peppery greens and sweet root compliment each other perfectly with a sprinkling of feta, sunflower seeds, oil, salt & pepper. 1 large beet (cooked and peeled)1 bunch arugula2 oz feta cheese2 tbsp sunflower seeds1 tbsp [...]

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Shamrock Smoothies

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Shamrock Smoothies If you’re jonesing for a creamy green drink this year you don’t have to go through the drive thru! This smoothie is easy, dairy free, and 100% natural. 1 cup coconut milk½ cup orange juice2 frozen bananas4 leaves kale (stems removed and chopped (should equal about 2 cups chopped))½ lemon (optional) Layer ingredients [...]

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Cumin Scented Kale

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Cumin Scented Kale 1 head of kale½ tbsp cumin seeds1 tbsp olive oil½ limesalt to taste Prep the kale. Wash kale, remove the stems, and chop into bite size pieces.Place the cumin seeds in a dry skillet and toast over medium heat for a minute or two until they become fragrant. Remove the seeds from the pan [...]

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Chops with Swiss Chard

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Baked Pork Chops with Swiss Chard 4 pork chops1 bunch Swiss Chard (washed and cut crosswise into 1 inch pieces)3 tbsp olive oil½ tsp saltfresh-ground black pepper1½ tbsp fresh parmesan (grated)½ cup fontina cheese Heat the oven to 400F degrees and oil a baking dish. In a medium bowl, toss the Swiss chard with 1 [...]

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Kale Greek Salad

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Kale Greek Salad 6-8 kale leaves (stems removed, thinly sliced)1 tomato (sliced into wedges)1 red or yellow bell pepper (sliced into strips)½ cup feta cheese (crumbled)⅓ cup kalamata olives (sliced)For the Kale½ tsp salt1 tbsp olive oil1 tsp red wine vinegarDressing¼ cup olive oil1 tbsp red wine vinegar1 clove garlic (grated or minced)½ tsp oregano½ [...]

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Kale is a leafy green of the brassica family, that has gotten quite a bit of attention for it’s health value. Kale can be baked into “chips” added to smoothies, juiced, eaten raw as salad, or simply steamed. Kale comes in several varieties curly green kale, Red Russian kale with deep purple stems, and lacinato [...]

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Swiss Chard

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Swiss chard is a dark leafy green, with stalks that appear similar to celery, but taste much sweeter. The stalks range in colors from vivid pinks to oranges to white. Some cooks remove the stems, but when chopped finely they add a great flavor to sautéed greens and can be grilled or roasted on their [...]

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How to make Stir-fry without a recipe

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Stir-fry is the perfect dish to throw together with any extra vegetable you may have from market or your CSA. Greens, roots, radishes, peppers, eggplants, cabbage just about anything will work even thinly sliced winter squash. Start by cutting everything into uniform pieces. The key is cooking everything quickly on high heat, so thin slicing [...]

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