Living lettuce is sold with a small, clean root ball still attached. This lettuce is grown on water, in special gutters or on floating platforms. The root ball remains attached to the lettuce until the leaves are picked for consumption. This keeps the lettuce fresher for longer, plus the root ball improves the flavour [...]

What is LIVING LETTUCE?2019-05-17T13:52:38-04:00

Do you grow everything you sell?

We truly believe in selling what we grow. We are not a re-distributor and never intend to be. The goal of Highland Heights Farm is to always bring you the freshest produce that only we have grown.

Do you grow everything you sell?2019-01-27T15:21:13-05:00

What is Hydrophonics?

In short, hydroponics is a non-traditional farming method that does not require soil. Soil can be replaced with natural “media” such as coco fiber or pine bark, or can also be completely irrelevant with other hydroponic systems that utilize only water and nutrient solutions. There are actually many ways to grow hydroponically, and there [...]

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Are you Organic?

No, we are a hydroponic farm. Yet, organic farming and hydroponic farming have similarities and differences. The answer to this question that we believe most are looking for when you are asking is whether we utilize synthetics (or harmful chemicals as pesticides). The answer is: we never use synthetic pesticides, fungicides or herbicides; only OMRI approved, [...]

Are you Organic?2019-01-27T15:16:09-05:00
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