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Chops with Swiss Chard

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Baked Pork Chops with Swiss Chard 4 pork chops1 bunch Swiss Chard (washed and cut crosswise into 1 inch pieces)3 tbsp olive oil½ tsp saltfresh-ground black pepper1½ tbsp fresh parmesan (grated)½ cup fontina cheese Heat the oven to 400F degrees and oil a baking dish. In a medium bowl, toss the Swiss chard with 1 [...]

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Swiss Chard

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Swiss chard is a dark leafy green, with stalks that appear similar to celery, but taste much sweeter. The stalks range in colors from vivid pinks to oranges to white. Some cooks remove the stems, but when chopped finely they add a great flavor to sautéed greens and can be grilled or roasted on their [...]

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